1. The emerging aspirational market – and where Cognac is humming.
  2. Export – and this only achievable letting the world know and experience Cape Brandy – the REAL thing.

Cognac is the market leader both here and abroad and if we are unable to convince our target market that our offering does not have the quality AND perception of Cognac, we are dead in the water.

Earlier last year we had some great international exposure in 17 countries with a  Gilbert Gaillard magazine front cover and article on Cape Brandy, and right now we have a wonderful opportunity in Singapore kindly orchestrated and hosted by  Mr Ch’ng Poh Tiong.  Poh Tiong is inter alia Regional Chairman of the Decanter World Wine Awards, Tasting Director Singapore World Spirits Competition and publisher of 100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the World www.chngpohtiong.com


Singapore is one of the trendiest places in the world with regard to Fine Wines and Spirits, and there are few places to equal it for showcasing a world class product.

We so need to show the world just what a world class product it is .. and the only way to do this is to let those that know TASTE our offering.

How many people have the faintest idea that Cape Brandy and French Cognac are identical in process and only different in provenance ? 

The Cape Brandy Distillers Guild is extremely grateful to Ch’ng Poh Tiong for so kindly offering to host this event for us, and also to colleague Kayan YU for her graphic, design and organisational skills in in creating such a striking presentation.  WOW !!