Die Mas van Kakamas walked away with the coveted Michelangelo Brandy Trophy on 29 September. This unique Cape Brandy is named for the Kalahari Truffle, which is so rare that it is said to occur only where lightning strikes the Kalahari sand.

Die Mas is crafted on the banks of the Orange River in Kakamas where the Hanekom family have been farming since 1970. The brandy features complex dried apricot, peach and citrus aromas on the nose, which are enhanced by subtle vanilla, ripe banana, litchi and raspberry on the palate.

The Cape Brandy category was well-represented amongst the winners, with the following Gold medals being awarded.

  • Joseph Barry VS Cape Brandy
  • Joseph Barry VSOP Cape Brandy
  • Joseph Barry XO Cape Brandy
  • Ladismith 5 Year Old Cape Brandy
  • Withington Voorkamer Cape Brandy